How can I shorten a mane without pulling?


If you are lucky to have a horse with a thin mane, you can easily get away with trimming and not pulling.  Other horses typically require some amount of pulling, either all the way up and down the mane, or simply in the middle section where the mane likes to get a bit fatter.  Pulling will even out the thickness of a mane, which helps greatly when braiding.


There are a few way to shorten a mane without pulling, one of them is using scissors.  And I don’t mean to say use scissors to cut straight across, unless you want your horse to resemble most elementary school kids who give themselves their own haircut.  Check out the video to see how it’s done.




You can also use a combo comb/blade to shorten the mane without pulling.  You use this tool as you would a pulling comb, but instead of pulling, you slice.  


Enjoy the video as I demonstrate two ways to use the blade to manage your horse's mane.