Ecolicious Equestrian's Squeaky Green and Clean Waterless Shampoo

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Grooms have one particular nightmare in common - the poop/urine/dirt stain.  On show day.  Before a final class.  Or even worse, a championship.  Case in point:


This is my horse’s belly one morning.  The overall size was that of a small sportscar.  Luckily, it was an ordinary day, with no judges in sight and no class to get ready for.  However, the magnitude of this stain was enough to make me consider hosing him off out of sheer desperation.  (It’s a personal pet peeve of mine to tack up a dirty horse, that goop and stain and manure/urine mix + sweat under tack can’t possibly be healthy or comfortable.)


It was time to experiment a little bit with an Ecolicious Equestrian product called Squeaky Green and Clean Waterless Deep Cleaning Shampoo.  Fingers crossed, I was skeptical of the instructions (Spray, wait, dry towel, brush.)  I followed them to the letter - and holy smokes, much better!!  As this was a particularly nasty stain, I did a quick and thin second coat, and this time used a slightly damp rag to finish the job.  Easy-peasy.


I also tried the Squeaky Green and Clean Waterless Shampoo on some more “normal” stains - and no need to use a damp-ish wash cloth and a second coat.  Of course, you can count on the smell to be awesome (think light citrus) and the ingredients to be totally natural.  It’s concentrated, so you only need a little, and it’s easy to store in even the smallest of tack totes.  


Here’s what I have always loved about all thing Ecolicious:

-They are up front and honest about what is in their products.  Check the bottles around the barn - many don’t list ingredients.  This is important so you can monitor what you use on your horse, in case of allergies.

-The smell.  I want my horse to smell like a basket of fresh fruit, not a plastics factory.

-They have amazing products for Grooms also.  (And I’ll be the first to admit that I have tried almost all of their goodies on myself, too. I didn’t have any manure stains on my person to test their Squeaky Green and Clean Waterless Deep Cleaning Shampoo, but it’s likely to happen any day now.)

-You can order direct, or you can find their goodies at your local store.  Nothing beats a box on your front door!  Find and order Ecolicious products on their website here, and follow them on Facebook here!