My goal for this group of pages is to provide Grooms and Employers alike with information about jobs.  

Job openings, employment news, Grooms in the news, and articles about Employment issues are all included!

Please let me know if you need anything - I hope to help!  You can reach me at  If you are in a real pickle, or have a specific legal question, seek the advice of a lawyer.  Employment laws can vary from state to state.  



Employment Issues

Articles about current employment issues that affect Grooms and the Horse Industry.

Issues In the News

Current news articles involving horse industry employment issues

Employment Resources

Grooms can look here for important resources on their jobs, insurance, and options for assistance.

Meet Some Grooms!

Read about what it's like to be a Groom, and what the word on the street is about Grooming - from the local barn to the big time Olympic ring!