Meet some Grooms!


I can think of no better way to give you some insight into the world of Grooming than to ask some Grooms!  Email me if you want to be interviewed, or if you have some questions that you want me to ask. 


Meet CSF Groom School

Learn more about the CSF Groom School, and how the work to educate and empower young Grooms!

Meet Pro Groom and Braider Alyssa Milano!

Behind the scenes of a professional Groom and Braider - Alyssa Milano. Learn how she grew her own business in the horse world!

Meet Pro Groom Amanda Geerlinks

Amanda Geerlinks has made a name for herself as a clipper and Groom! Learn how she built her business and gained experience with horses.

Meet Pro Groom Lauren Dreyer

Pro Groom Lauren Dreyer keep the top show jumpers in top form!

Meet Amanda Chiapetta, Shapley's Groom's Class Winner

Meet Amanda, Pro Groom and Groom's Class Winner at WEF, 2016

Meet Tim Gaskell - Shapley's Groom's Class Winner

Tim Gaskell won a 2015 Groom's Class, sponsored by Shapley's and held at WEF. Get to know him!

Meet Sarah Yawata!

Sarah works in Virginia at Sprieser Sporthorse - where seasons exist, there are bugs, and everyone is there to learn.

Meet Emma Ford!

A chat with Emma Ford, eventing Groom to Phillip Dutton!

Meet Ryan Corrigan - Veterinary Technician!

Not a Groom, per se, but still involved in the day to day care of horses. And isn't that just about the same as a Groom?

Meet Ruben Palomera!

Meet Ruben Palomera - top International Groom for Debbie McDonald and Adrienne Lyle.

Meet Ann - An Eventing Working Student

Ann Bellinger, a former working student in the eventing world, shares some great insights into the horse industry!

Meet Max Corcoran

Max Corcoran, an eventing Groom, has lots of wise things to share about Grooming, horses, and what it means to have a Grooming "job".

Meet Lauren - A Dressage Groom with a Worldly View

Lauren's story of Grooming - how she got into it, and where it has taken her!