Nutrition News and Information


There's a lot to learn about caring for our horses, and grooming is just the tip of the iceberg.  One major factor in horse health is nutrition, and the first step in caring for our horses is learning about all things nutrition.  


This section of the website is devoted to tidbits of knowledge about equine nutrition, generously sponsored by Grand Meadows.  



Remember that every horse is different, each with his own medical history, genetics, job, taste preferences, age, weight, quirks, access to pasture, nutritional needs, forage availability, and location.  All of these factors influence your horse's nutritional needs.  Working with your Veterinarian and/or Equine Nutritionist can help you and your team come up with the best nutritional plan for your horse.  


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Magnesium for Horses

What you need to know about magnesium and horses!

Glucosamine for Horses - An Introduction

How glucosamine can help support your horse's joints!

Essential Fatty Acids and Your Horse!

The key to a shiny coat on your horse is good grooming and good nutrition - including EFA's - essential fatty acids!

The Scoop on Salt

The importance of salt in your horse's diet!