Green Horsekeeping! 


For all things green and environmentally friendly at the barn!  Please share your "green" tips here!  You can also email me,, with ideas and questions! 




What to do with your horse's composted manure!

Ideas on how to spread/share/get rid of your barn's composted horse manure!

Clean Your Barn With Homemade Cleaners

Save money and stay green with homemade cleaning products!

Toss, Fix, Sell, or Donate Your Horse Items?

Spring cleaning means mucking out a lot of stuff - how to decide if you should toss, fix, sell, or donate your horse stuff!

Composting Basics at the Barn

The basics of composting horse manure and shavings at the barn.

Manure Spreading

Tips for Grooms and Farm Managers to spread manure. And by spread manure I don't mean verbally.

Horse Shoe Recycling

Some creative ways to reuse your horseshoes around the barn!

Reuse your bags and buckets!

Grooms have a knack for coming up with creative uses for all sorts of things - like buckets and feed bags!

Going Green and Saving Green

Times are tight - so it's good to have a green thumb and a green pocketbook. How to make that happen at the barn!!

Water Conservation at the Barn

How can we save water at the barn?

Vinegar - It's Many Uses at the Barn

How many uses can we come up with for vinegar at the barn? A bunch.

Green up the barn

What are some major areas that you can "green up the barn and farm"?

Barn and Farm Recycling

Anyone out there recycle? What's your trick for making it easy?