Another round of barn hacks! 


This time - round ELEVEN!  I’m always open to new hacks, so don’t hesitate to reach out with your ingenious idea. It’s all about making chores go by easily, to give us more time with our horses. 


  • Wear nitrile exam gloves under your riding or grooming gloves in bad or cold weather.  These definitely keep your fingers warm, and they are thin, so you don’t lose too much dexterity. 




  • Bring an old yoga mat to the barn - great to cut up and cover saddle racks with, keeps the dents out of your saddle’s flocking and padding. 


  • Use bike tape on your stall cleaning tools for easy grip, especially in winter, and no blisters if you can’t find your gloves.




  • Hang your horse’s bit in a sunny window on chilly days to warm it up as you groom and get ready.  For really cold days you might need to dunk it into hot water. 


  • Use the little trays from mushroom containers to hold and catch the spills from your favorite hoof dressings.


  • Rub strong bar soap on fences or surfaces that might get gnawed on.  You will need to reapply every so ofter, but it’s inexpensive and at least you have some soap to wash up with now. 


  • Keep a little lighter around to defrost snaps and buckles that get frozen.  Super fun. 


  • Tape some tabs on your small tubes of eye meds and other hard to squish things.  The tabs can be easily labelled (LUCKY - APPLY IN THE AM) and it helps you smush the contents up for easy application. 



  • Skip spending big bucks for fluffy furry ear plugs, just get some soft little cat toys instead. Not the mouse shaped ones, the round ones. 
  • Add dental floss to your sewing kit for horse stuff repairs.  Lasts a lot longer, is stronger, and also fights plaque.




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