Saddles and Bridles!  


Everything that you could ever need to know about saddles and bridles and all sort of tack.  If you still have questions, email me!  



Breaking in a New Western Saddle

Tips for turning fenders and breaking in a new western saddle!

Clean Your White Leather Horse Tack!

With added bling comes added responsibility! How to clean that white leather accent on your fancy new bridle or saddle!

Stirrup Bars - Keep Them Up or Down?

How to decide if you should keep your stirrup bars in the up or down position!

The Best Ways to Store Your Saddle!

Tips on how to preserve your saddle by using a smart saddle rack!

Can You Save Your Horse's Cracked Leather Tack?

A little bit about leather, protein bonds, and when your cracked leather tack is ready to be tossed out.

What Type of Leather Cleaner to Buy for Your Horse's Tack

Your tack cleaning options - from goops to soaps and beyond!

How to Clean Your Horse's Bling

Some tips and ideas for cleaning your horse's bling.

Tips for Selling Your Used Horse Tack

Every now and again, it's time to re-organize and purge some items! How about selling them instead?

Protect Your Tack From Being Stolen!

Ideas on how you can lock up and secure your tack... just in case!

The Problem With Mice, Their Pee, and Your Leather Tack

How to deal with your horse tack and stuff that has been...well...peed on.

How to pick the best color for your horse's tack!

Factors to consider when you are choosing your horse's tack. Including color!

Is Your Tack Irritating To Your Horse?

Things to look for on your horse that will tell you if your horse's tack is bothering him.

Take Your Horse's Bridle Apart

Why to take your horse's bridle apart - it's part gross factor and part safety issue.